Dordogne Markets

For travelers from abroad, one of the pleasures of visiting France is to enjoy wandering through a traditional French market. And why not! The market , “le marché”, is an integral part of life in virtually all French towns and large villages, so much so that even today the market can be seen as a well-surviving part of France’s historic heritage. In countries like the UK and the USA, the market is largely a tradition that has been revived, in the form of “farmers’ markets”; in France, the tradition did not need to be revived, as traditional fruit and vegetable markets, as well as markets offering a much wider array of stalls, have always remained a part of life in France. The market, as a source of fresh fruit and vegetables, is an integral part of France’s famed tradition of good eating, and is one of those French traditions that  never died. And for that reason it is as authentic an experience as one can wish to find.